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Quick Links to books for purchase or reviews

Destiny Bay Romances

 Forever Yours & Baby Dreams


My Little Runaway, Reid and Jennifer, Forever Yours Book 1



Wife For A Night, Matt and Janet, Forever Yours Book 2


Too Scared To Breathe, Grant and Carrie, Forever Yours Book 3


Make-Believe Wife, Jason and Kathy, Forever Yours Book 4


Promoted To Wife, Rick and Terry, Forever Yours Book 5


Not The Marrying Kind, Michael and Shelley, Forever Yours Book 6




Husband Wanted:Will Train, Ross and Charity, Baby Dreams Book 1


The Baby Invasion, Scott and Cathy, Baby Dreams Book 2


Waiting for Someone Like You, Tanner and Kat, Baby Dreams Book 3


Tick Tock Baby Clock, Lisa and Carson, Baby Dreams Book 4


Jilted, Rafe and Kendall, Baby Dreams Book 5


Waiting for Baby Kate, Cam and Anne, Baby Dreams Book 6





The RanchersNativeSilver_BookCover_240x360KDP

Native Silver, Shawnee and David, The Ranchers Book 1

Destiny Ranch, Carly and Joe, The Ranchers Book 2


Sweet Desperado, Jessie and Michael, The Ranchers Book 3


Stealing Shane’s Girl, Tyler and Becky, The Ranchers Book 4



Luck Be A Lady~Cody and Kelly~The Ranchers Book 5

The Islanders


Saved By You, Kane and Annie, The Islanders Book 1


Found By You, Malia and Brad, The Islanders Book 2


Tempted By You, Kai and Taylor, The Islanders Book 3


Rescued By You, Ashley and Max, The Islanders Book 4


Charmed By You, Mitch and Heather, The Islanders Book 5

 Forever Yours~Sweet Editions


RunRunRunaway_Sweets1 300_cover_kdp

Run, Run, Runaway, Reid and Jennifer, Forever Yours, Sweet Editions #1

ALittleBlackmail_Sweets2 200_cover_kdp

A Little Blackmail, Matt and Janet, Forever Yours, Sweet Editions #2

MovingTooFast_Sweets3 300_cover_kdp

Moving Too Fast, Grant and Carrie, Forever Yours, Sweet Editions #3


A Piece of Heaven in Utah, Kathy and Jason, Forever Yours, Sweet Editions #4


A Cowboy In The Castle~Terry and Rick’s story~Sweet Editions Book 5



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Rafflecopter Free Kindle Giveaway!

This Giveaway and Sale is over–sorry if you missed it!

The next one will be held the first week of October–be watching for the link!

The box set is still only 99c–take a chance!

Only four more days-so get your chances in. 

Kindle Fire HD 7″ Tablet 

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

 We entered this giveaway with our summer box set to celebrate!

Seduced by Love, Claimed by Passion~Summer Box Set

Marie Ferrarella, Helen Conrad, Tracy Court, Dakota Kahn


This box set will be free for two days, Sept 3-4, so pick a copy up if you haven’t already done so!

And please give us a review on Amazon if you have a moment!

Just a line or two-good or bad- is fine. It helps so much!

Thanks. And Good Luck!

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It had to happen-you could see it coming!

We may be late to the party, but we’re bound and determined to make our contribution count!

Here’s our 99 cent box set for the summer of 2014. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together!

Seduced by Love, Claimed by Passion:

Six Delicious Romances by four Authors


Including Marie Ferrarella, USA TODAY Best Seller




Four full books–three contemporary romances, one romantic suspense and two romance novellas

Steamy to sweet, these stories are fun and sexy.

Offered at 99 cents summer only–full price would be over $16.00.

From Alpha males to Teddy-Bear He-men~heroes, all~Billionaires, movie stars, ranchers and a small town cop



IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, MARIE’S ORIGINALS–by Marie Ferrarella, USA TODAY bestselling author

    Rainy day blues…Journalist Shane McCallister loses professional focus when she decides to expose movie star Nick Rutledge for what he is and ends up in his          arms and in his bed.



Two for the show….When Shawnee Carrington returns home to help her grandfather win his fight to keep his land, she goes up against David Santiago, a man she’s hated and loved with equal passion for years. Will it be harder to win the race…or win his love?



Someone to watch over me….Summer Davis races to Samoa to marry an old friend who’d always loved her, but his boss, alpha male Jack Masters steps in and claims her for himself.


FINDING SUSAN-by Dakota Kahn

You can’t go home again…. Kate Becker is back-but she’s also lost and hurting and searching for answers. She covers up with a smart mouthed attitude, especially around small town cop Blake Spanner, the guy who jilted her at prom. But she needs his help. She’s looking for her missing sister, and her reception ranges from weird to resentful, egged on by a curiously psychic duck. Can she and Blake sift through the clues and find out what happened to her sister before it’s too late?




Don’t Tell Me You Love Me….Michael Black wakes up in Las Vegas with a gun to his head-a gun held by Jackie Crosswell who’s come to force him to marry her friend Carrie Ann. She has the wrong man, but by the time they end up in front of the preacher, she just may be the bride.



You gotta be a football hero….Tyler Carrington was always second best to football hero Shane Garlock–with the town and with Becky Harris, his first love. But now he has a chance to try for her again. Will he have the guts to step up and win her this time?

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It’s Summer already!
           Time for a June Sale!

So here it is!

All Destiny Bay Romance Box Sets
are marked down




Forever Yours, Box Set 1   was 4.99  now 2.99

Forever Yours, Box Set 2   was 5.99  now 4.99

These are books 1-6
of the very first set of
Destiny Bay Romances
Where it all began!

Now there’s a sweet version of them-the first four books are available.  The following Box Set contains the first three:SweetEditions_boxset_bks1-3_kdp

Forever Yours, Sweet Editions Box 1 was 4.99 now 2.99


Baby Dreams,  Box Set 1                     was 4.99 now 3.99

Baby Dreams,  Box Set 2                     was 5.99 now 4.99

The Ranchers, Box Set                        was 6.99 now 4.99

The Islanders,  Box Set(4 books)        was 7.99 now 3.99

Stock up now on any that you may have missed. 

Thanks so much for all your support! 

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CHOICES by Marie Ferrarella

Cinderella picks the wrong prince and pays a heavy price for jumping the gun.


Shanna Brady grows up in the shadow of her beautiful mother and her Senator father, always feeling inadequate, never meeting standards she imposes on herself.  When handsome Jordan Calhoun seems to fall in love with her, she jumps at the chance to prove her worth by helping him gain the political power he seeks. The signs are there from the beginning, but she tries to smooth things over, until finally she has to face the fact that he married her for her money and position and never loved her at all.  But instead of grinding her even further down, shedding the dead weight of the man sets her free to try her wings and begin to develop a career, along with a spine. The baby they made together is her comfort–but Jordan becomes a source of anger and attempts at revenge, and she needs all the resources she’s developed, as well as the love of a new man in her life, to fight off the shadow of the past.  




Be sure to get your copy now!



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It’s A LITTLE BLACKMAIL’S turn to shine!

In conjunction with the Prism Book Tour and the Amazon Countdown, this book will be 99 cents for a limited time.  Get one now!

 (Next week it will be MOVING TOO FAST!)






By the way–if you haven’t entered the giveaway, you still have time!

Amazon cards and free paperbacks!





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Marie Ferrarella Releases Three Originals

USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Marie Ferrarella is releasing her three hard-to-find women’s contemporary novels written in the tradition of Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber.  Finally available again, these heart-tugging stories explore the tangled emotional lives of three women:  Johanna Whitney, who gave up her beloved art to marry a brilliant film director and lived to regret it, Shanna Brady, daughter of the Washington political and social scene who searches for true love–and her own courage–among the false masks that surround her in politics, and Amanda Foster, child of privilege vowing to make it on her own as a TV anchor despite the jealousy ignited against her in the newsroom. 


SAPPHIRE AND SHADOW is on sale for $2.99.


“A look at the grit beneath the glitz and one woman’s triumph over both”–Nora Roberts
SAPPHIRE AND SHADOWS is a vivid and compelling story of heart break and betrayal, of facing the death of dreams you’ve built your life on, of picking up the pieces and learning to live again. Johanna Whitney somehow draws from deep inside to find the strength to triumph in the end. 
They could have had it all.
Johanna Whitney does seem to have it all–beauty, intelligence, talent, and a rich husband whose genius has created stunning films. What she is desperately trying to cover up is just how tragically that life is coming unraveled.  Her husband’s drug use, fueled by his fear of being unable to replicate his success, renders him incapable of showing her the love she once gave up everything for.  Her closest friend is killed in a plane crash and even her daughter seems to prefer her husband’s latest young lover to her own mother. The harder Johanna works at trying to patch the holes of her life, the more things come undone. 
It all comes to a head on location in London. Johanna watches happiness slipping away and turns for comfort to a young British artisan.  He tries to teach her to love herself again, and to dare to reach for happiness. Though he manages to awaken her emotions, her husband’s drug arrest in Italy and her daughter’s sudden illness make her realize she needs to go home–not to Los Angeles, but to New York.
Leaving all the wealth and influence she’s been living with behind, she and her daughter feel like refugees as they search for a place to live and a way to make a living. Both needs are answered when they find shelter with an old friend and colleague in his art gallery.  Johanna is back to her roots in the art world, but she’s been gone a long time and she searches to find ways to heal and blossom. Even more difficult is the struggle to release her heart from the chains of fear and learn to love again.  

SAPPHIRE AND SHADOW is on sale now for $2.99.


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