Arroyo Grande Roosters

Meet the fine and fancy

Roosters of Arroyo Grande!


Flocks of squawking yellow parrots jangle nerves in Pasadena quite regularly, flying through residential neighborhoods like squadrons of enemy fighters.  Escaped peacocks issue their plaintive cries from the rooftops in La Canada, startling visitors—they sound so much like strange babies calling for help.  Turkeys march like gangs of rowdy teenaged boys, shouldering their way through the meandering streets of Morro Bay.   And roosters crow up and down the banks of the Arroyo Grande Creek—a touch of country on the suburban Village Green.

IMG_1840-1These chickens are gorgeous–dressed to the nines, as chickens go.  You can find them near the Swinging Bridge or just about anywhere in the greenery along Olohan Alley, the parking behind the business district on East Branch Street, the main drag through the Village.  I haven’t found out yet how they got here or if there is anyone who claims ownership.  They happily nest in the trees or in the shrubbery above the creek and it seems that someone feeds them.  But they’ve become a special fixture of the Village.


There’s even a new restaurant right there on the corner of East Branch and Short Street, named in their honor—Rooster Creek Tavern—and it’s got some fancy feathers of its own!  New and trendy and shiny, it’s one of those places it just feels good to go to, whether you eat inside near the sports bar, or out on the patio in the fresh air.

So that’s my recommendation—come to the Village to see the Arroyo Grande Roosters, stay for the Rooster Creek food.  It’s a win/win all the way.

Location:  Arroyo Grande lies between Nipomo and Pismo Beach, with Oceano and Grover Beach nestling in beside it.  To get to the roosters, turn off the 101 at East Branch and turn right, then continue on up into the Village.  The creek will be on your right.


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