Marie Ferrarella–Superfriend

President Truman famously said, if you want

a friend in Washington, get a dog.

I say, here in California, get a friend like Marie.  She’s definitely the best!  And she doesn’t need a license.

Being a writer is a solitary profession.  You spend so much time by yourself, you can lose touch with what’s going on in the world and with those around you.  So it’s good to have a best friend on the other end of the telephone line (yes, we did start with land lines)—to keep you sane and to keep your feet planted firmly on solid ground.

In my case, that friend is fellow writer, Marie Ferrarella.  We’ve been together since Disco died—since before cell phones got small enough to fit in your purse and TV screens got big enough to fill up your wall—since before Steve Perry quit Journey and Tom Selleck said goodbye to Magnum PI.  In other words—since before Modern Times began.  Here’s a picture from a few years ago.



You can find her latest releases on any major best seller list.


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