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Kirsten lost a baby tooth–and here is what the tooth fairy left her!


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Teddy Bears’ Picnic


Here’s what happened at my granddaughter’s kindergarten class this week–the kids all brought their Teddy Bears to school on Thursday for a picnic.  Then the bears were left overnight so they could have a slumber party together.  When the kids arrived this morning–OH NO!  The bears had been very, very naughty!  Some were sitting on top of the book shelves, some hiding in the closet, one in the empty fish bowl.  One had been drawing with crayons–Kirsten was so excited telling me about it she went on and on– “And then Jeremy’s bear was hiding in Katy’s desk, and then Melissa’s bear was wearing Annie’s bear’s necklace…”  It was adorable.  She couldn’t stop! What a great kindergarten activity!

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New Cover for Boxed Set

Boxed set free for three days!  

Sept 25-27.DB4-6_boxset_revised_500

Destiny Bay Romances ~ Forever Yours, volume 2, books 4-6

A swimmer dreaming of redemptive glory and finding it wrapped in a dangerous love—An actress, crushed by rejection, taking on a role that opens up her horizons as well as her heart—A young counselor recruited against her better judgment to help a dashing conman fool the bad guys. These are all more stories about the wealthy and influential Carrington family of Destiny Bay and how they fall in love.

(Scroll down to see the old cover and let me know what you think of the update!)



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New Release!

DBBD4-6_boxset_box_1stpassDestiny Bay Romances ~ Baby Dreams volume 2, boxed set

Available September 3, 2013

on Kindle 

Includes Tick Tock Baby Clock, Jilted! and Waiting for Baby Kate–the last three books of the Baby Dreams Series.

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