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BOO! Happy Halloween!

         IMG_0992        Scary

scary night!

The little ones, including two of my grandchildren (seen here anticipating)


are out in the malls and on the streets bagging a lot of candy.  They have so much fun, it’s just not a time to think about the dental and weight consequences–the costumes and the happiness in those little faces is worth the risky behavior!  The pumpkins pictured on this page were carved by one of my sons last year.  Aren’t they great?  The two below are Mater from Cars and a Disney princess (don’t ask me which one!)

IMG_0993_2           IMG_0994_2

Hope you all got lots of treats and gave a few of your own as well!


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The Ranchers Have Arrived!

Destiny Bay Romances – The Ranchers

Most of the Destiny Bay Romances are focused on the beach town, but just a few miles inland there lies a valley–Destiny Valley–and the dusty little town of Destiny that forms the hub of cattle country, horse country, and the orchards.  The Carringtons who live here are a different breed.  They’re hard working people, people who have a love for the land–and a passion for those who mean the most to them.  Their first story, NATIVE SILVER,  is out now!


He wants her.  She wants his ranch.

Destiny Bay Romances~ The Ranchers

Book 1 Native Silver

 When Shawnee Carrington returns home to help her grandfather win his fight to keep his land, she goes up against David Santiago, a man she’s hated and loved with equal passion for years.  She’s determined to beat him, and win the horse show his sister always dominates as well, with the help of Native Silver, her beloved horse.  But her plans will only work if no one realizes Native Silver is blind.
 A beautiful straying daughter of the land, a stunningly handsome descendant of the conquering conquistadores who loves her…his sister, recently divorced from a European royal, an aged grandfather losing his grip on reality, and a blind horse—all have a stake in the Californio Days equestrian competition.   Who will win the hearts and minds they yearn for—and who will win the trophy itself?


She desperately needs to find her father.  He needs to make sure she can’t.

Book 2-Destiny Ranch

Carly Stevens needs to fill in her past so that she can face her future.  She takes a job caring for Joe Carrington’s children, only to find that she’s stepped into the middle of her own mystery–and into a struggle with an irresistible rancher who’s own heartbreak has destroyed his trust in love.




She’s hanging on for the reward money—but can she last that long?

Book 3-Sweet Desperado

Jessie Carrington is a rancher and that’s all she’s ever wanted to be, but when she gets a chance to play bounty hunter, she takes it.  She needs the money badly.  But once she id’s the fugitive, he turns the tables and now she’s the captive and on an emotional roller coaster ride as she falls for him, ruining all her plans.


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