CarringtonChristmas_BookCover500_kdpMerry Christmas to all!

To celebrate the season, we’re offering a short story based in the Destiny Bay world involving characters from the Carrington universe.  The story is about 20,000 words–50-60 pages.

In the meantime, we’re running other free days and countdown deals all this month, so watch out for those.  And then there’s the Holiday Giveaway I’m involved in—details will be up soon!


          available FREE December 5-9

A Carrington Christmas

Fun in Sin City or diapers at home?  Mason Ames isn’t cut out for the corporate business style-no matter how hard his sister Charity tries to get him into it.  He’s done with that and heading to Las Vegas for Christmas Eve when he finds a baby abandoned in his condo and his life changes forever.  Melody Carrington drops in from next door to help him cope and the next thing he knows, she’s helping him change his outlook as well.  Las Vegas or true love?  Is he going to be man enough to make the right choice?

A new cover for Not The Marrying Kind!


On to the holidays!

I wanted to share a picture of some cupcakes my daughter-in-law made a few years ago.  Aren’t they cute?


I’m so thankful for my family and friends–and all my wonderful readers!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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