Tempted By You

Hi everyone!  Just a quick note to announce the release of a new Destiny Bay Romance in The Islanders Series–TEMPTED BY YOU!!   


A change of heart.
Taylor Lee is still healing from a rotten childhood.  Kai Carrington is trying to skim the surface of the good life.  She’s hot for career success; he’s obsessed with staying playboy single, but both hit the wall of doubt when they find twin babies on the doorstep.  A crazy weekend with diapers and lullabies opens them to something new–including some sexy romance. When Taylor starts auditioning other guys as husband/father-of-twins material, Kai begins to panic. Does he want to play that part himself? Maybe it’s time to let his heart decide.

Hope you like it!  (And if you do, please leave a review on Amazon!)

And now, RESCUED BY YOU, Book #4, is out too!


No wedding today, the bride has escaped! 

Ashley Winters comes across as a ditzy blond, but her choice of hiding places is carefully thought out.  Too bad the absentee owner picks the same night to return to his vacation home as she picks to break into it.  Complications ensue.

But no matter how much tough love dark, moody Max Carrington shows her, she knows she won’t be going back to the wealthy crowd where she belongs.  Max’s Hawaiian style is much more appealing–especially when he mixes in some good old-fashioned sexy one-on-one attention.  Time to plan a new wedding–one she might even show up for.

And To Welcome TEMPTED and RESCUED

the first book in the series, will be
FREE! March 11-15!


If you haven’t started on the series yet, here’s your chance!

Don’t forget #2:


Hope you enjoy them all!

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