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Happy April!

I love April!  It’s my birthday month and the opening to spring!  Enjoy it while you can!

Meanwhile, April 16 will be the first promotion for my new Sweets Series.  Run Run Runaway will be free for two days-so if you want to see how it’s different from the original My Little Runaway–now’s your chance.  If you’re just interested in trying a sweet series–welcome!  The first three books are up and the next three are coming soon.

RunRunRunaway_Sweets1 300_cover_kdp

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  The trouble is, when you run from your problems, you often find out your biggest obstacle is along for the trip–it’s you!  Reid Carrington realizes that when he finds Jennifer and recognizes the quiet desperation in her eyes.  Can he save someone who doesn’t want to be saved? Or like a lifeguard rescuing a swimmer, will she pull him down into the undertow in the end?

Recipes for Jennifer’s Mango Salsa and Tilly’s Bruschetta included.

ALittleBlackmail_Sweets2 200_cover_kdp

Sometimes you have to break the rules to right a wrong. 

Janet Cardona is usually a by-the-book good girl–but when Matt Carrington won’t give her cat back, she sees red.  Rules mean nothing when there’s an animal to be saved. So when she’s caught in a burglary and blackmailed for it, she finds she can’t refuse. Matt only needs her to pretend to be his wife for a day or two so that he can run a scam he’s involved in. But once the pretense gets going, he begins to yearn for the real thing. Now Janet has to decide if she can let herself fall for a con man.

Recipes for Crab Open-faced Sandwiches and Basic Asian Soup included.

MovingTooFast_Sweets3 300_cover_kdp

A sweet old-fashioned girl–

–isn’t what Grant Carrington is looking for.  A man who lives for speed and danger, he’s only slowed down because he’s been forced to by an injury.  Carrie Harlow isn’t his type, but he needs her in order to heal.  She knows she’s playing with fire, but she feels she can help him and she goes for it—even though she knows she’s endangering her own heart as she fixes his.

Recipe for Carrie’s Chicken Picatta included


Destiny Bay Romances-The Sweet Editions

These are basically the same stories that are found in Destiny Bay Romances- Forever Yours, but with the conflicts softened a bit, the language cleaned up, and no explicit love scenes. There are still a few adult situations, but they’re muted.  Consider these the PG versions.


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No, not the fattening kind.  These are the sweet and clean versions I promised long ago.  The covers:

RunRunRunaway_Sweets1 300_cover_kdp
ALittleBlackmail_Sweets2 200_cover_kdpMovingTooFast_Sweets3 300_cover_kdp


These first three books are the scrubbed clean versions of the first three books in ForeverYours~ Destiny Bay Romances. Those who have already read them be forewarned–these are basically the same stories that you have already read. You can read more about this in the section on the Sweet Editions.

But there are some fans who would rather read the stories without any explicit sexual content–you’ve told me so!  And these are for you!

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