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Amy Summers has taken over the mailing list! If you’d like to join all the others signing up for her book club and information on her romances,

just click here, and join up!


7 responses to “Mailing List-Sign Up!

  1. Connie trench

    Please tell me where i can find out about Amity
    The girl that works for Mickey

    • Hi Connie!
      If you’ve read all six of the Baby Dreams books, Amity appeared in all of them. I’m hoping to write a short story about the relationship that develops between her and the father of her baby–maybe for Valentine’s Day. I’ve just written one for Christmas about other characters–Mason Ames and Melody Carrington. I’ll be putting it out in a few days and hopefully running it free Dec 4-Dec 8. Meanwhile–I’ll be thinking about Amity!
      Thanks for your comments–Helen Conrad

  2. Laura

    Is there a book with Tag and Mickey or their story never develops?? Did I miss it in one of your books?

    • Hi Laura,
      Actually, I’m working on a short story about the two of them and how they got together right now and hoping to get it out by Valentine’s Day. I’ll have to put it up for 99c but I can make it free for five days–so watch for that. In the meantime, they appear mostly in books 1-3 of the first series, but also show up in books 4-6. They even make a few cameos in the Baby Dreams Series. Thanks for reading–hope you enjoy the Carrington family. If you want a copy of Carrington Christmas for free, email me at and I’ll send one out to you.
      Helen Conrad

  3. Patricia Boyd

    Loved The Rancher: Destiny Bay Romances

  4. Patricia Boyd

    Loved The Rancher: Destiny Bay Romances. Would love to read more

    • Hi Patricia,
      Glad you liked the Ranchers. Those are some of my favorites. I’m planning to put together a volume 2 but there are so many other projects in front of that in line–can’t promise anything yet. All the best–Helen Conrad

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