The Romances

                   DESTINY BAY ROMANCE

                            THE BOX SETS


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6 sweet romances SweetEditions_boxset_bks1-6_revision2_2016_kdp copy







TheIslandersBoxSet1_3150dboxCover_revision copy                                         TheIslanders_boxset2

doornock_bigboxset_finalfix        doornock_bigboxset2_3d_kdp











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17 responses to “The Romances

  1. Kamiko Sullivan

    Is there a book for Tag and Mickey?

    • Hi Kamiko
      I’m writing a short story about them–it should be ready by Valentine’s. I’ll be sending a link out to everyone on my mailing list. Sign up so you’ll be sure to get one!


      • Kamiko Sullivan

        I was wondering if Tag’s book was out? I was signed up on your mailing list but my account was hacked so I had to redo it. All of my e-mails were destroyed. 😦

  2. Lori

    Just finished the WHOLE Destiny Bay series, Destiny Bay 1-6, Baby Dreams 1-6, Destiny Ranchers 1-3, loved them. Hoping for continuation or total wrap-up

    • Thanks so much, Lori! I’m so glad you liked them.
      The next series in the Destiny Bay Romances is the Islanders and the first book, Saved By You, is available now for 99c. The second book, Found By You, will be out next week.
      All the best to you and yours!

      Helen Conrad

      • Lori

        As I was paging down an e-mail I saw a new or what I think is new series to the Destiny Bay Romances but of course now I can’t find it I have the Islanders books Just wondering if I imagined seeing them
        Lori Emerich

      • Hi Lori! Nice to hear from you. The books you must have seen are the Sweet Editions of the first three Destiny Bay books–My Little Runaway, Wife for a Night and Too scared to Breathe. The new ones are called Run Run Runaway, A Little Blackmail, and Moving Too Fast. They are basically the first three books in the Forever Yours Series of the Destiny Bay Romances. You’ve probably already read them. The first one will be free tomorrow and Thursday–so if you want to take a look at what’s different, this would be a good chance to do it!

  3. Lori

    AWESOME Thanks for the info

  4. Is there a book for amity and darren

    • Hi Brenda–I know I replied to this but I don’t see it on the page–so here goes again! I’m hoping to get to doing something about Amity eventually–just too many other projects in the way right now. But someday!
      Thanks, Helen

  5. Tabatha Albritton

    I’m dying to read Tag and Mickeys story!!!!!

  6. Karen Quast

    Just completed the destiny bay baby books and loved them can not wait to read of your book.

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